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UV Zincite Crystal, Poland

UV Zincite Crystal, Poland

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This listing is for the Zincite specimen from Poland shown. Featuring a gorgeous example of Zincite showing bright lustrous and glassy, transparent inter grown crystals of red, orange and yellow colors. This crystal is extremely gemmy, crystallized and in great condition and form. Zincite are the result of gaseous zinc oxide sublimating on the inside of old industrial smelter flues in Poland. Good examples of this size and quality are rare and sought after. This crystal shown is from an old collection and is one of the original pieces. A magical and unique addition to any collection.

Locality: Poland Dimensions: 3.5” x 1” x .75” Weight: 86.8g

Metaphysical Properties of Zincite:

Zincite teaches the spiritual processes of creation and manifestation. Helps to align you with the creative flow and energy of the universe. Overcome feelings of disempowerment, weakness and lack of confidence within yourself. Related to the Sacral Chakra, Zincite brings forth passion and inspiration to allow you to manifest your physical desires on this journey. 

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