• The Star

    Far Arden was created in 2009 by Lylith Aradia Moon! The journey began with her making and selling magical candles and anointing oils in person. Our first shop was opened on Etsy in 2013 where we offered intuitive counseling, handcrafted candles, incense, oils, herbs and crystals.

  • The Source

    Our focus is on authenticity.. quality ingredients and white light energy with mindfulness at every aspect. Connecting with each customer on a level virtually as if in person- that makes every transaction a magical intention set with offerings pure and ready for you to work with!

  • Far Arden Essentials

    The Future

    Far Arden is always on a path of evolving and becoming better at what we do. To master our craft~ We are always learning, open and on the hunt for those magical rocks, minerals, crystals and connections! Shopping with Far Arden Essentials you can be sure that you are receiving top quality and authentic products. We are expanding our offerings in the years to come. Journey with us!