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Angel Aura Crystals

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  • Angel Aura Crystals

    Angel Aura Crystals

    Far Arden's Angel Aura Crystals are the most sought after Aura crystals in the world! Shipping their custom Angel Aura Crystals all over the globe! Check out the current Collection!

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  • Unique Crystals and Minerals

    Crystals & Minerals

    Far Arden has an extensive offering of unique crystals and minerals, mostly from personal collections and hand-selected treasures found in person at the gem shows across the country!

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  • Pure Resin Incense Sticks

    Our Incense Sticks

    Handmade, hand-rolled and hand-dipped using high quality resins, herbs and essential oils, dried naturally by the sun.

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  • Herb Sachets

    Our Herb Sachets

    Intuitively selected resins, herbs, leaves and crystals carefully blended into powerful herbal sachets. Enjoy natural scents of the earth anywhere for a therapeutic pick me up.

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