Frequently Asked Questions

Crystals & Minerals

Consciously Sourced Crystals

Rest assured that every crystal, mineral and gemstone offering you find has been carefully selected for its energy: how, where and when it was sourced is most important to us. Then we begin to carefully select only the finest crystals, unique, rare, aesthetic and of course, beautiful! to place in our inventory. Many of our offerings have at one time been in our personal collection.

Sustainable Mining

Each crystal we have has been ethically sourced from only the most reputable mines from across the globe. We have been working directly with our vendors for 20 years and are proud to say they are our friends. Energy starts at the Source.


We only post photos of the actual crystal you will receive upon purchasing.

If the listing mentions an intuitively chosen crystal, you will receive one from the actual parcel of crystals shown.

Will My Crystal Have Imperfections?

It is very common to have natural cracks, imperfections, etchings and other surface markings in rocks and crystals. This does not mean that the item is damaged or something is wrong with it. Unless the listing states your crystal is "flawless" or "completely high polished" it will have the natural surface character of listed material. Even most polished have surface cavities or other markings that were not polished out, but left natural to enhance the appearance of the crystal.

Frequently Asked questions


Do I Need To Create An Account To Place An Order?

No, but if you do, you can store your billing address, multiple shipping addresses, join our mailing list, check your order status and create a wish list that you can share with friends! And we can contact you if there's a problem with your order. It's quick and easy. Just click here to create your account

Is Your Site Secure?

Yes. All credit card information is encrypted across a secure line. You can learn about the encryption we use by the Verisign logo, located at your Shopping Cart.

What If I Need To Change My Orders After I Hit “Submit”?

Once your order is placed, we start working on it right away. Unfortunately this means we can't make changes to an order once it's placed. In limited circumstances, we may be able to cancel orders if they have not shipped. Please contact us for assistance.

Will I Be Charged For Making Changes To My Order?

You will not be charged for making changes to your order, however you may see a "pending authorization" on your bank account until your bank verifies that the funds are available. Once your payment is authorized, we will ship your order and you will see your final charge, only for the items actually shipped

How Do I Know If My Order Went Through?

You will receive an order number via email. Make sure you only click the "Submit" button once to avoid duplicate orders or charges.

Why Haven’t I Received An Email Regarding My Order?

There are usually two reasons: you may have an outdated email address on file, or you may have a spam blocker filtering email from us. Make sure to keep your user information current and try turning off any spam blockers that may be preventing our messages from getting to you.

Do you offer Returns / Exchanges?

We offer returns and exchanges within 14 days of receipt of package. In the rare scenario that your item should arrive damaged, please keep all packaging and contents. Contact us immediately at cs@farardenessentials.com.

How Do I Return Or Exchange Something In My Order?

We offer returns and/or exchanges within 14 days of receiving your package. Please contact us at cs@farardenessentials.com to request a return label. All returns must include all paperwork and a return authorization code which will be provided via e-mail. Any refund will be processed upon a well received package with contents intact as sent.

If I Return Something, How Long Does It Take To Receive My Credit?

We will process your credit as soon as we receive your returned merchandise in our warehouse. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing returns. Typically, the purchase amount will be restored to your credit card anywhere from 24 hours to 7 business days, depending on your financial institution's policy. If you paid for your purchase with a Far Arden gift card, please allow 3-4 weeks for your refund to be placed back on the original gift card used for purchase.

What Do I Do If Something In My Order Is Damaged Or Missing?

Please contact us right away! You may e-mail us at orders@farardenessentials.com or click here to submit a contact form. Please include your order number with your inquiry.

Far Arden Essentials must receive all authorized returns and exchanges, including the replacement of missing or damaged items, within 30 days of the purchase date listed on your sales receipt.

Can I Back-Order An Item That Is Sold Out?

Not usually! Most of our crystal offerings are unique, so there is only one like it. If you see something you love - don’t hesitate! The good news is that, with very popular stock  items, the rocks and crystals may be reordered when we have inventory available.. If there's a product you really want, send us an email by clicking here and iInclude the item name, description and SKU number, if you have it. We'll let you know if and when it's coming back in!

Can I Order By Telephone?

At this time we are not set up to receive orders over the phone, you may e-mail your order to: orders@farardenessentials.com

When Will I Receive My Order?

All orders take 1-2 business days to process, regardless of the shipping method used. Please keep this in mind when selecting shipping options. Orders are shipped Monday through Friday. Orders shipping within the United States are typically delivered within 2-5 business days. International Orders please allow 10-24 business days for delivery.

We may need to contact you if there is an issue with your order, so please keep your account information updated! All order communication is done via email, so it is important that your email address be accurate and current. 

Your order may be delayed because the Far Arden Essentials warehouse is closed on the following days:

New Year's Day

Memorial Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

Does Far Arden Essentials Offer Gift Wrapping Or Gift Boxes?

Yes! Orders marked or notated as “gift” at checkout are packaged ready to give.

Does FarArdenEssentials.com Offer Price Adjustments?

You may come across price variations due to changing promotions, price adjustments or markdowns during your shopping experience or after your order has been placed. We unfortunately cannot offer price adjustments on any items from prior purchases.

Frequently Asked questions

Angel Aura Dichroic Coatings

What is Angel/Rainbow Aura?

Our aura enhancement is a proprietary Dichroic process containing 15 micro thin layers of colloidal gold and silver particles that causes an array of colors depending on lighting and different angles

Is Aura Permanent?

The colors are permanent as long as the oxide treatment stays intact. If your crystal gets broken, chipped or scratched by an abrasive, this will create a fracture within the coating that will allow the Aura to be damaged. Aura enhanced crystals should be handled with care. Do not intentionally damage your crystal by scratching it!

Is my Aura Crystal Heat Treated?

No, our Angel Aura Dichroic Coatings are not applied using heat treatments.

Are there Chemicals in the Aura Process?

Our dichroic coating is environmentally friendly! We do not use chemicals or radiated materials in the process of our Angel Aura dichroic coatings.

What Materials are used for Aura Coating?

We melt Quartz Crystal and Metal Oxides to produce our quality Aura coating. Only the highest and purest quality materials are used for our processes. These materials are vaporized with an electron beam gun, and the vapor then attaches and condenses onto the surface of the glass, forming a crystal structure of 15 layers

What if my Aura Crystal gets Scratched?

Our Aura enhanced surface is just as strong, or stronger than the material that it has been enhanced to. The final layer that we adhere to the material is Quartz Crystal, same hardness as a diamond- but, because it is so thin, if something can scratch the coated material, it will also scratch the coating. We do not recommend using abrasives on your crystal. Do not perform “scratch tests” on your crystal either. You will ultimately create an ‘opening’ in the aura film deposited on the surface that will then be able to be rubbed off.  Please contact us here if you would like your crystal re-enhanced!

How do I Clean My Aura Crystal/Glass?

Dust, dirt and perspiration on the surface will cause the colors to appear dull. Simply wash off the dulling surface oils with free and clear dish soap and water (using no abrasives) and blot dry with a clean paper towel.

Most Loved Aura

Far Arden Essentials’ Angel and Rainbow Aura crystals are sought after by Collectors, Geologists, Celebrities, Artists and Rockhounds locally and across the globe. We have been offering the highest quality crystal Aura coatings since 2014.

Videos and photos of our Aura crystals have gone viral online demanding over 100 million views worldwide!

Shop with Confidence!

Aura Dichroic History

Modern day dichroic was used primary for NASA optics, but was used as early as the 4th century A.D. in decorative ornaments in Europe. We are proud to offer the absolute best aura enhancement in the market today. Pairing our aura enhancement with only top-quality hand-selected, high-grade crystals – is what we do! 

Growing Popularity

Gems and minerals are often enhanced to make the color more appealing. Most faceted gemstones on the market today have been enhanced in some way, either chemically, by heating, using radiation or with radioactive rays or fracture filling. The popularity of enhanced crystals and gems have increased, and there is a wide variety of color enhanced crystals available today that were not available ten years ago. In the last few years the demand for these enhanced crystals quickly outgrew the supply, and the race to supply the demand also supplied plenty of misconceptions and a wide-spread misunderstanding about what exactly an ‘Aura’ crystal is, and/or how it was ‘coated’. The Aura crystals offered at Far Arden Essentials are not man made. They are all natural materials that are derived from Earth that have undergone a specific process to create the Aura rainbow iridescence. The process is not done in a "laboratory", however, microscopic layers of natural metals are bonded to its surface using complex, scientifically precise, and expensive man-made equipment and ingenuity.

Other Aura Enhancements

There are three enhancement processes being used on crystals in today’s market. Each of these individual methods of enhancement are its own unique process. In no particular order, here are the three most common processes of enhancement that are responsible for the majority of the Aura Crystals available on the market today: 


•Aqua Aura process - Microscopic pieces of metal such as Gold, Indium, and the like, are bonded in a high heat environment to crystals. This is one of the first Aura processes that appeared in the market.

 •Reactive Spattering process - A thin film deposition on a surface is achieved by coating substrates with metals, nitrides, and the like. 

•Dichroic process - Multiple ultra-thin layers of different metals, oxides of metals and quartz silica vaporized by an electron beam.

In an attempt to imitate these three processes the process of dipping was created, which is the lowest quality and not ‘green’ or ethically done.

Far Arden Essentials chooses not to sell or endorse anything that has been enhanced using this process: 

•Dipping process - Adding a color agent (food coloring or other unknown sources) to a glossy synthetic polymer (Polyurethane, Lacquer, etc.) and applying it to the crystal and letting it dry. 


Far Arden Essentials’ Aura crystals are created using an exclusive proprietary aura enhancement process. Our enhancement process is a modified version of #3, Dichroic Process.

It is a trade secret in which it is created and is the only one in existence. Our process uses no radiation or chemicals.