Aura Care

How to Care for your Aura Crystals

Your Aura enhanced crystals should be treated with care like you would any precious material. 

How do I clean my Aura crystal?

The aura enhancement is permanent as long as the treatment stays intact. Dust, dirt and grease films on the surface will cause the colors to appear dull or fading. Simply wash off the dulling surface oils with soap and water (using no abrasives) and blot dry with a clean paper towel or clean microfiber cloth. This will restore the colors to their original luster and brightness.

What if my Aura crystal gets scratched?

Our dichroic surface is stronger than the glass or crystal that it has been placed onto. The final layer that is placed on the surface is quartz which is one of the strongest materials. However, because the dichroic aura layers are micro thin, if something can scratch the enhanced material, it will also scratch the aura coating. We do not recommend using any abrasives, not even your fingernail to clean or “scratch test” your aura enhanced creation.