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Stalactite Druse Chrysocolla, Ray Mine, Pinal County, Arizona

Stalactite Druse Chrysocolla, Ray Mine, Pinal County, Arizona

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This listing is for the Chrysocolla shown. This is a beautiful mineral of vibrant blue Chrysocolla in beautiful stalactite and botryoidal sparkling druse formation. Natural and raw with vibrant color. This is an older specimen from the famous Ray Mine of gorgeous sky-blue, chrysocolla-tinted, drusy blue quartz growing on chrysocolla stalactites. Displays beautifully on its own natural side.

Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.5 x 1" / 47g - small cabinet
Locality: Ray Mine, Pinal County, Arizona

Metaphysical Properties of Chrysocolla:
Chrysocolla is used to bring love and healing to the holder
Tranquil vibrations are drawn in and negative energies are transmuted while working with this mineral
Chrysocolla enhances ambition and creativity; it is a stimulating meditation stone and great for journeying.
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