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Smoky Elestial 'Herkimer' Quartz with Amethyst, 14g Brazil

Smoky Elestial 'Herkimer' Quartz with Amethyst, 14g Brazil

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This listing is for the smoky elestial quartz crystal shown. This small quartz features a gorgeous 'herkimer' like formation, double terminated great luster. The smoky areas of dark quartz have great zoning of color, lead to optical clarity in a beautiful tone. There is an area of amethyst zoning inside and a beautiful reflective rainbow prism. A magical addition to any collection!

Dimensions: 1.25" x 1" x .75" / 14g
Locality: Brazil

Metaphysical Properties of Elestial Quartz:

Powerful crystal when working with the higher chakras
Working with this energized elestial quartz promotes positive change and soul evolution
Dissolve deep karmic issues, and find balance in the spiritual and physical realm
Elestial Quartz, also referred to as Crocodile Quartz, Jacare quartz and Skeletal Quartz are known for their etched structure and deep triangular terminations.

These Smoky Elestial Quartz were mined in Minas Gerais Brazil, an area surrounded by volcanic activity. The tempering of the quartz from volcanic eruptions is what makes these elestials so unique.

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