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Seymchan Meteorite Slice, Museum Collectors Specimen, 754g - SEYM1-1020

Seymchan Meteorite Slice, Museum Collectors Specimen, 754g - SEYM1-1020

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This listing is for the extra large Seymchan Meteorite slice shown. Featuring a high quality polished slice of famous Seymchan meteorite that fell in Magadan, Russia in prehistoric times. A serious collector's piece and a great meteorite investment.

Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 0.25" / Weight: 754g (1.66lb)

Locality: Magadan, Russia

Seymchan belongs to the main group of meteorite pallasites, though scientists find that it contains a high percentage of iridium, a rare, silvery-white chemical element. Iridium is brittle, despite being considered to be one of the densest metals. On Earth, it’s found in ore mined from South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Australia, and Alaska, USA. Iridium is found in much higher abundance in meteorites than on Earth, which makes a case for asteroid mining.

Seymchan meteorites are attractive to collectors for various reasons; it has an interesting back story and slices can have many different appearances; some areas display olivine-rich clusters, while others consist almost entirely of nickel-iron. Worldwide interest in meteorites continues to grow and olivine-rich Seymchan specimens are now extremely difficult to acquire.

Metaphysical Properties of Meteorites: a powerful aid for meditation and dream-work increases your sensitivity to guidance, intuition and telepathy helps to receive and clarify messages sent from higher realms

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