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Scepter Quartz, Inner Mongolia, China

Scepter Quartz, Inner Mongolia, China

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This listing is for the Mongolian Quartz Cluster shown. Featuring a stunning group of scepter crystals and minerals from this locality! Multiple scepters.. Beautiful aesthetic. Great collection piece for this locality. Old stock material.

Locality: Vintage Collection, Inner Mongolian Mine, China
Size: 3" x 1" x .75" / 44g

☽❣☾ Mongolian Quartz is a treasured specimen from Inner Mongolia, Green Angel Dreamstone are Quartz Crystals some with many mineral inclusions, including Hedenbergite, Mica and Chlorite.

The inner realms where one can travel with Green Angel Dreamstone can be as empty as the Void or as full as the Earth itself, amazing for Shamanic rituals and Astral Travel. Working with the Angel of this stone in conscious meditation can ultimately reveal the entire landscape of the dream world to one’s awake consciousness. This is an extremely rare specimen and powerful formation.
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