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Sardonyx Sphere, Madagascar

Sardonyx Sphere, Madagascar

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This listing is for the Sardonyx sphere shown. Featuring a unique and beautiful sphere that has many orbs, swirls and mysterious patterns throughout. They are all very defined with nice contrast of colors! You will receive the exact sphere shown. Includes a display stand.

Dimensions: 1.6" (43mm) diameter / 102g
Locality: Madagascar

☽❣☾ Metaphysical Properties of Sardonyx:
Sardonyx is related to the third-eye sacral and root chakra. Using this stone or keeping it near, will offer protection and grounding during your manifestation and abundance intentions. Sardonyx is a perfect scrying stone, as the patterns and orbs and mysterious information held within each unique stone will activate your third-eye and reveal information if the holder is ready. It promotes meditation, and comfort in times of need. It will also assist the holder in sparking new creativity, passion and desire in whatever you choose to. Set your intention and allow the powerful properties of Sardonyx to assist you. The work always starts within, the stone can only offer a focal point; to empower and enhance your innate wisdom and magic.

Affirmation: "I am ready to release what does not serve me and am open up to what my soul and heart truly deserves."

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