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Rhodonite Custom Gem, 8g

Rhodonite Custom Gem, 8g

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This listing is for the high quality rhodonite gem shown. Featuring a vibrant pink rhodonite with great color and vibrancy on both sides. A custom gem - a magical addition to any collection.

Dimensions: 1.5" x 1.25" x .07" / 8.8g

☽❣☾ Metaphysical Properties of Rhodonite:

Emotional healing: Rhodonite is thought to have powerful emotional healing properties. It is said to help heal emotional wounds, traumas, and old emotional patterns. It is also believed to promote forgiveness, compassion, and self-love.

Self-awareness: This stone is thought to enhance self-awareness and introspection. It is said to help one understand their emotions and thoughts better, and promote self-discovery and personal growth.

Grounding: Rhodonite is believed to have a grounding effect. It is said to help one stay rooted in the present moment and feel more connected to the earth.

Love and relationships: This stone is thought to have a powerful effect on love and relationships. It is said to help attract and enhance romantic love, as well as promote healthy relationships with friends and family.

Energy and vitality: Rhodonite is believed to help boost energy levels and promote vitality. It is said to help combat fatigue and lethargy, and promote physical and emotional stamina.

Rhodonite is a powerful stone for emotional healing, self-awareness, and love and relationships, making it a popular choice for spiritual and energy work.

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