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Raw Sunstone, 19g India

Raw Sunstone, 19g India

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This listing is for the quality raw Sunstone shown. This is so pretty! Very shimmery with vibrant color. A magical addition to any collection! You will receive the exact Sunstone shown.

Dimensions: 45mm x 28mm x 12mm/ 19g
Locality: India

Metaphysical Properties of Sunstone:

♥ Sunstone represents enlightened leadership and the ability to utilize wisdom for the good of all
♥ carries the energy of the Sun
♥ allows one to manifest Divine Will through creation
♥ stimulates creative and passionate energy and can increase stamina
♥ transmutes low vibrational energy into higher white light

Sunstone affirmation: "I am a spiritual leader and I vow to use my power for the greater good of all"
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