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Prismatic Smoky Quartz, 22g Malawi

Prismatic Smoky Quartz, 22g Malawi

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This listing is for the smoky quartz point shown. Featuring lustrous quartz from Malawi. This is a very clean quartz with glassy elestial form. Very prismatic crystal with very unique windows, nice color zoning and optical clarity. A magical addition to any collection. You will receive the exact crystal shown.

Dimensions: 2x 1 x .75" / 22g
Locality: Malawi

Metaphysical Properties of Smoky Quartz:

Powerful crystal when working with the higher chakras
Working with this energized quartz promotes positive change and soul evolution
Dissolve deep karmic issues, and find balance in the spiritual and physical realm
Smoky quartz is used to protect against all forms of bad luck and to enhance energy flow through the hands. It increases creativity and intuition and transforms depression and pessimistic thought into joy and optimism.
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