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ONE Chiastolite Tumbled Stone

ONE Chiastolite Tumbled Stone

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This listing is for (1) Chiastolite tumbled stone from the selections shown. Chiastolite are crystals of andalusite containing cross-shaped inclusions of carbon. Enjoy these beautiful crystals!

Dimensions: .5-75" / 10-12g ea
Locality: China

Chiastolite is a mineral that belongs to the Andalusite variety, known for its distinctive cross-shaped pattern when viewed in cross-sections, hence its name which is derived from the Greek word "chiastos," meaning "marked with a cross." Geologically, chiastolite forms in metamorphic rocks, particularly in schists and gneisses, under high-pressure, high-temperature conditions during regional metamorphism. Its formation is associated with the metamorphism of clay-rich sedimentary rocks or pelitic rocks. Chiastolite commonly occurs in association with minerals such as quartz, biotite, muscovite, and garnet. It's primarily found in regions with significant metamorphic activity,

Metaphysical Properties of Chiastolite:
Chiastolite aligns the communication and connection between physical, astral and spiritual planes. It also provides comfort and relief is stressful and chaotic situations or times of life. Helps to alleviate depression and addictive tendencies.

Chiastolite Affirmation: "I emanate fairy energy, radiating with love and luck!"

Chakra: Root, Heart, Third-Eye, Crown
Zodiac: Pisces
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