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Large Angel Aura Quartz Cluster Decorator

Large Angel Aura Quartz Cluster Decorator

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This listing is for the Angel Aura Quartz Cluster shown. Featuring a large quartz cluster plate from Arkansas USA! This quartz was from a private collection put away since 1978! There are prismatic points and nice areas of flat crystalline quartz in multiple growth patterns throughout this one. The crystals are attached to the very shimmery micro crystalline matrix. There are some re healed tips across this large aura quartz. The crystal can be displayed flat or on its side.

This is the perfect size angel aura quartz if you’re looking for a statement piece to fit in any room. Very aesthetic and beautiful! A magical addition to any collection!

Dimensions: L14" x W10" x H2-3” / 15lbs
Locality: 1978 personal collection, Arkansas, USA

 Metaphysical Properties of Angel Aura Quartz:

activate and balance your chakras with this spiritual quartz
enhance your clairvoyance and clairsentient gifts with this magical crystal.
delivers clarity and cellular healing to your mind, body and soul
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