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Kataranskite Sphere, Kataranskii, Cape Russia

Kataranskite Sphere, Kataranskii, Cape Russia

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This listing is for the rare Kataranskite sphere shown. Featuring a rare violet-pink pseudomorph of a plagioclas:, Kataranskite, Sirenevite and Bronzite. This sphere has been in our personal collection since 2016 and of the few we have seen, this is the gem of them all.

Kataranskite is a unique stone that is a rare combination of several minerals, one of which has a pronounced lilac-pink hue. It is a very coarse-granular, pegmatitic vein rock consisting mainly of hypersthene and labradorite feldspar.

Kataranskite was found only at Kataransky Cape in the south shore of White Sea.

Weight: 260g

Locality: Kolvitsa massif, Kataranskii Cape, Kola Peninsula, Murmanskaja Oblast', Northern Region, Russia


First found in 1904 at the Kataranskii Cape


Metaphysical Properties of Kataranskite:

a stone of divine intuition, angelic wisdom and strength.

helps to open one’s innate skills, talents and gifted abilities, including divination and psychic abilities.

a grounding and protective stone offering stability in the physical world, at the same time allowing you to focus on your spiritual journey.

a stone of balance in all things


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