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Iridescent Rainbow Hematite, 33ct Andrade Mine, Brazil

Iridescent Rainbow Hematite, 33ct Andrade Mine, Brazil

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This listing is the rare Rainbow Hematite shown. Featuring natural iridescent nanoparticles over hematite. Double-sided with great color play on both sides, gold, yellow, blue, purple, pink, silver and orange. A lovely natural mineral and a fine addition to any collection.

Locality: Andrade Mine, Brazil
Dimensions: 1.5" x .5" x .25" / 33 carats

Here is some data on this ultra rare material:

☽❣☾ Rainbow Hematite enhances mental clarity, calm and tranquility. Working with this beautiful hematite will restore a sense of protection and peace within ones self. Rainbow Hematite also promotes balance between mind, body and spirit making it a wonderful tool to balance chakras and useful in meditation.
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