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Illusion Display Stands - Choose Your Size!

Illusion Display Stands - Choose Your Size!

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This listing is for (1) one adjustable Illusion Display Stand. These stands are perfect for displaying your crystals. It's one of the only stands we use, which can be seen in many of our product photos. They are made with an acrylic base and stainless steel prong arms that are adjustable for a variety of widths, perfect stability and can manage the weight of a variety of crystals and minerals.

We offer 5 sizes - each order is for 1 stand

Tiny 1.5"
Small 2.25"
Medium 3.5"
Large 4.25"
Extra Large 5.5"

Our Tiny Illusion stand is the smallest stand we offer. Perfect for display your smallest treasures..cabochons, gemstones and thumbnails.
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