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Emerald Crystal Decorator, Healer Tools, Healing, Divination, Metaphysical, EM1-0331

Emerald Crystal Decorator, Healer Tools, Healing, Divination, Metaphysical, EM1-0331

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This listing is for the natural polished Emerald crystal shown. Featuring a beautiful abstract display of Emerald in a mixed matrix with quartz and some schorl. A nice rare standing decorator. You can place this crystal anywhere, as it's the perfect size. Really nice and great contrast of color, quality and material from this locality. ☽❣☾ Emerald is the stone of Love, Luck and Prosperity! Metaphysical Properties of Emerald: draw abundance into one's life in all forms connects one to the frequency of divine love, compassion and gratitude helps one to manifest true love and attract a soul mate allows you to surrender and put your trust in the universe eminates goddess energy Size: 3" x 2" x 2" Locality: Brazil
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  • consciously sourced

    our crystals and minerals are selected for their energy at the source.

  • eco-friendly packaging

    our packaging and materials are non-toxic and recyclable or reusable. We are constantly working on reducing waste and environment impact; we are on track for 100% green packaging in 2023!

Enchant your Space

we make selecting crystals easy - you will only find happy crystals here, energetically clean and ready to vibe with you, in your space.

surround yourself with magic

creating a clean energy space starts with your surroundings.

Feel your space, see it. Let your space speak to you. Vibrations will become higher and white light energy will fill your space. Low vibrations will transmute into higher, lighter vibrations. Breath in white light energy, breath out anxiety, stress...transmute and vibrate higher.

Being in tune with your surroundings is a primal aspect of our ancient existence and is part of who we are. Using our senses as to observe, to feel and to sense what we need or don't need - That is when we begin to tap into and empower our intention for use in our daily lives.

We are proud to offer only happy crystals - clear and clean of any energies and ready to tune with you!