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Emerald Crystal, Brazil, 161 carats

Emerald Crystal, Brazil, 161 carats

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This listing is for the Emerald crystal shown. Featuring a gorgeous gemmy specimen out of Brazil - very transparent and vibrant emerald, green natural color. One half has some matrix attached as you can see in the video. Typical inclusions for this locality. Not polished, cut or treated. A magical addition to any collection! Includes the display stand shown.

Size: 161.8 carats / 40 x 29 x 16mm
Locality: Mina Gerais, Brazil
Treatments: None

☽❣☾ Metaphysical Properties of Emerald:
Emerald is the stone of Love, Luck and Prosperity!
Metaphysical Properties of Emerald:
draw abundance into one's life in all forms
connects one to the frequency of divine love, compassion and gratitude
helps one to manifest true love and attract a soul mate
allows you to surrender and put your trust in the universe
eminates goddess energy


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