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Chalcopyrite Sphere, Peru

Chalcopyrite Sphere, Peru

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This listing is for the Chalcopyrite sphere shown. Featuring an aesthetic combination of Hematite, chalcopyrite, agate and quartz of old stock material from Peru. A magical addition to any collection! Includes a sphere stand.

Dimensions: 158g / 1.75" diameter

Metaphysical Properties of Chalcopyrite, Hematite and Quartz:

Chalcopyrite is known as the "stone of the mystic" and is associated with positive energy and manifestation. It is believed to enhance perception, intuition, and inner knowing. Chalcopyrite is also thought to attract abundance and prosperity while stimulating creativity and self-confidence. It is a crystal that promotes spiritual growth and helps in connecting with higher realms.


Quartz is a versatile and widely used crystal known for its amplifying properties. Quartz from Peru is specifically associated with clarity, purification, and spiritual growth. It can help in gaining clarity of thought, enhancing focus, and promoting positive transformation. This type of Quartz assists in meditation, accessing higher wisdom, and connecting with spiritual guides. It can also amplify the energy of other crystals and intentions.

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