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Bustamite Freeform, Wessels Mine, South Africa

Bustamite Freeform, Wessels Mine, South Africa

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This listing is for the rare Bustamite freeform shown. Featuring a nice old stock freeform polish Bustamite with nice colorplay - various shades of pinks to cherry! A high quality natural rare Bustamite with clean energy. A fine addition to any collection! Bustamite is found alongside Sugilite in South Africa.

Dimensions: 2.5" x 1.5" x 1" / 102.5g

Locality: Wessels Mine, Northern Cape South Africa

Metaphysical Properties of Bustamite:

is one of the most powerful stones of Love and Universal oneness.
A healer's stone, Bustamite works to heighten one's healing vibrations, psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.
Bustamite allows the release of negative energies and uneasy vibrations, so it's perfect to use as a dream stone.
Keep a piece of Bustamite in a satchet under your pillow to protect against nightmares. Use to open Heart, Crown and Third-eye Chakra.
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