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Bicolor Tourmaline Carved Fish, Old Collection

Bicolor Tourmaline Carved Fish, Old Collection

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This listing is for gem grade bi color Tourmaline fish carving shown. This is a beautiful piece from an old collection acquired in the early 1980's. 

Dimensions: 31.75mm x 22.86mm x 4.5mm / 5.81g
Locality: Brazil
Carver: Unknown


☽❣☾ Tourmaline is a stone of Healing and Self-Love. Bicolor Tourmaline carries a deeply comforting love energy that heals the entire emotional body. Working with Tourmaline, specifically bicolor, can open the heart to love after healing has been facilitated.

Delivers the message to, "align yourself with the forces of the light and channel that radiance into your world". Allows one to trust and bring forth the feelings of joy and enthusiasm for life. Promotes self-love, complete forgiveness and compassion for one's self. Heals heartbreak and emotional scars.

Assists in the attainment of peace, awareness and universal Love. • Chakra Clearing & Balancing • Meditation & Dream work • Energy Grid Activations • Ceremonial Healing • Feng Shui 

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