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Angel Aura Phantom Quartz DT Wand

Angel Aura Phantom Quartz DT Wand

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This listing is for the Angel Aura Quartz wand shown. Featuring a double terminated quartz wand with amazing clarity, internal multi phantom and beams that capture so much light. There is some magical fairy frost inside. Your crystal has been beautifully polished. A magical addition to any collection!

Each top-quality quartz has been polished to enhance the natural characteristics of the quartz. This may result in natural keys, penetrators, and inclusions still intact.

Locality: Brazil
Dimensions: 3.25” x .75” x 1” / 65g

☽❣☾ Metaphysical Properties of Angel Aura Quartz:

Metaphysical Properties of Angel Aura Quartz:

raise low vibrations into higher light energy

carries a joyful pure innocent energy..

perfect for placement anywhere for an immediate euphoric boost to your mood!

allows you to experience simplicity and see the world in other perceptions. enhances focus and clarity

Metaphysical Properties of Lemurian Quartz: Known as the "Master Crystal" as they are perfect for many types of healing work Helps us maintain our connection to Spirit, aiding spiritual evolution, and dreamwork.

A wonderful tool to use when clearing and activating the Chakras.

Angel Aura is a crystal quartz that has been magically enhanced through a process of alchemy, with natural metals through a vapor deprivation process. No heat or chemicals are used in the enhancement of our Aura Crystals. Our aura enhancement is done in California, USA!

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