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Far Arden Essentials

Gem Rock Pile for Intuition & Protection

Gem Rock Pile for Intuition & Protection

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This listing is for the gem parcel shown. Featuring gemmy lustrous tumbled stones of the following:

Peridot, Aquamarine, Iolite, Tourmaline - Rubellite and BiColor! 14 gemstones total, 35grams.

You will receive the exact gemstone set shown above.

☽❣☾ Tourmaline cools heated emotions and tempers. BiColor (Watermelon) Tourmaline also stimulates the flow of energy and communication from the heart to the throat. Helps one with communicating truth. It also helps one to express themselves in public. Release emotional baggage, ego roles and bad habits in general. Carrying Tourmalines will provide stability and calmness during spiritual development. Iolite is a visionary stone. It activates your third-eye and facilitates visualization and intuitive insight when all your chakras are in alignment. Peridot assists you in releasing negative patterns, transmuting dark energies into white light and removing old vibrations that no longer serve you. This is also a visionary stone, that will amplify your connection to your own intuition and helps to receive clearer messages from your spirit guides. Aquamarine is a stone of courage and strength. It has a very calming energy that reduces stress and silences the mind. It offers protection from dark energies and low vibrations. It is a talisman of light and will offer protection and guidance from your guardian angels.

• Chakra Clearing & Balancing
• Meditation & Dream work
• Energy Grid Activations
• Ceremonial Healing
• Feng Shui

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