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Gems and minerals are often enhanced to make the color more appealing. Most faceted gemstones on the market today have been enhanced in some way, either chemically, by heating, using radiation or bombardment with radioactive rays, fracture filling and heating.

The popularity of enhanced crystals and gems have increased, and there is a wide variety of color enhanced crystals available today, that were not available five years ago. In the last few years the demand for these enhanced crystals quickly outgrew the supply, and the race to supply the demand also supplied plenty of misconceptions and a wide-spread misunderstanding about what exactly an ‘Aura’ crystal is, and/or how it was ‘coated’.

The Aura crystals offered at Far Arden Essentials are not man made. They are all natural material that is derived from Earth that have undergone a specific process to create the Aura rainbow iridescence. The process is not done in a 'lab', however, microscopic layers of natural substances are bonded to its surface using complex, scientifically precise, and expensive man-made equipment and ingenuity.

There are three enhancement processes being used on crystals in today’s market. Each of these individual methods of enhancement are its own unique process.

In no particular order, here are the three most common processes of enhancement that are responsible for the majority of the Aura Crystals available on the market today:

  1. Aqua Aura process - Microscopic pieces of metal such as Gold, Indium, and the like, are bonded in a high heat environment to crystals. This is one of the first Aura processes that appeared in the market.
  2. Reactive Spattering process - A thin film deposition on a surface is achieved by coating substrates with metals, nitrides, and the like.
  3. Dichroic process - Multiple ultra-thin layers of different metals, oxides of metals and quartz silica vaporized by an electron beam.
    In an attempt to imitate these three processes the process of dipping was created, which is the lowest quality and not ‘green’ or ethically done. Far Arden Essentials chooses not to sell or endorse anything that has been enhanced using this process:
  4. Dipping process - Adding a color agent (food coloring or other unknown sources) to a glossy synthetic polymer (Polyurethane, Lacquer, etc.) and applying it to the crystal and letting it dry.


FAR ARDEN ESSENTIALS does not, and will not ever offer crystals that have been Dipped, as we do not agree with how the treatment is done, or the quality of the process.

FAR ARDEN ESSENTIALS' AURA crystals are created using our own exclusive Principal Aura Enhancement Process. This enhancement process is a modified version of #3. It is trade secret in which it is created and is the only one in existence. Our process uses NO RADIATION OR CHEMICALS. Far Arden Essentials’ Aura coating is the most exquisite on the market and their crystals are sought after by collectors, geologists, celebrities, artists and rockhounds locally and across the globe.