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Natural Crystals

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  1. Gold Labradorite

    This listing is for (1) one Gold Labradorite. Your stone will be intuitively selected from the lot shown.

    Size: .5-1" varies

    • Gold Labradorite is one of the best stones for working with the third chakra, enhancing inner strength, vitality, courage, clear thinking, endurance, mental activity, spiritual focus and purposefulness.
    • It can help one see the Divine pattern in ones daily struggles.
    • In dream work, it can assist one in consciously awakening in the higher planes and in bringing back important information.
    • Golden Labradorite takes one into communion with the energies of our own sun, and with the Great Central Sun, the home and origin of consciousness in the Universe. 
  2. Sugilite Tumbled Gemstones

    This listing is for top AAA+ Quality Rare Sugilite, also known as Luvulite. You will receive your selection from the lot shown above. Smallest available is 2 gm (10 Carat), for a larger crystal, use selection below. Sugilite is one of the most powerful stones of Love and Universal oneness. A healer's stone, Sugilite works to heighten one's healing vibrations, psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Sugilite allows the release of negative energies and uneasy vibrations, so it's perfect to use as a dream stone. Keep a piece of Sugilite in a sachet under your pillow to protect against nightmares. Use to open Heart, Crown and Third-eye Chakra. Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation & Dream work Energy Grid Activations Ceremonial Healing Feng Shui
  3. Labradorite Tumbled Palm Stone - Medium

    This listing is for one flashy Labradorite Palm Stone from the lot shown above. These pieces are superior top quality, radiating variations of pink, red, purple, blue, green and gold flash on both sides with sparkles all over! Please choose your size from the drop down option. Your Labradorite will be intuitively chosen from the high quality lot shown. Labradorite is often called the ?Temple of the Stars". In meditation, it brings the light of other planetary beings to the soul of the user, to bring the galactic evolved energies from other worlds to the Earth Plane. It can help you to traverse changes, attracting strength and perseverance and providing clarity to psychic sight, patience and a sense of perfect timing. Labradorite is a stone of transformation! It clears, balances and protects your aura though changes, reduces stress and attracts success. It helps provide clarity and insight into your destiny. It can be used for dream recall and finding ways to use dreams in your daily life. Labradorite increases intuition, psychic development, esoteric wisdom, helps with subconscious issues and provides mental illumination.
  4. Vera Cruz Amethyst

    This listing is for three terminated points of superior quality natural Vera Cruz Amethyst. You will receive (3) pieces of natural high quality Vera Cruz Amethyst from the lot shown above. SKU: FAE-VCA-3 Size: varies; .5"".75"" Net Weight: varies
  5. Tanzanite Crystal

    This listing is for (1) one piece of gem quality natural raw Tanzanite. Your crystal will be intuitively chosen from the lot shown.

    Metaphysical Properties of Tanzanite:

    • Assists in enhancing intuition and psychic gifts.
    • Aids in spiritual exploration, bringing together all aspects of communication and psychic power.
    • Its high vibrational energy invites protection and safety in linking with higher realms, and allows for deep profound meditation.
    • It is particularly helpful in uniting the mind and heart, teaching one to live from a compassionate heart with an illumined mind.
    • These crystals are stones of transformation.
    • Known as Violet Flame crystals.
  6. Rhodochrosite Tumbled Gemstones

    This listing is for (1) one tumbled Rhodochrosite. Your crystal will be intuitively chosen from the lot shown.

    Metaphysical Properties of Rhodochrosite:

    • is a stone of Love and Balance.
    • Rhodochrosite is a confidence booster and is used to bring a sense of balance to life.
    • It is also used to help cope with problems in life in a graceful manner without feeling overwhelmed or at a loss.
    • In the psychic or spiritual realm rhodochrosite is used to ease issues caused by past lives, and to help to bring those issues to resolution.
    • It is used to elevate the mind to a higher plane in meditation and energy work.
    • Rhodochrosite balances and enhances love on all levels.
    • It balances the mental and emotional processes.
    • It is also said to be a stone of freedom as it assists in alleviating inner conflicts. This can bring a deep sense of happiness and relief from ongoing stress. 
  7. Pink Peruvian Opal Tumbled

    This listing is for (1) one top quality Natural Peruvian Pink Opal. You will receive your selection from the lot shown above. Pink Peruvian Opal is a stone of love and gentleness. It brings energies of gentle love and kindness to both romantic relationships and relationships of other kinds. As with other opals, it also brings inspiration, imagination and creativity. It can help release inhibitions and brings happy dreams. It also eases the process of change. Size: varies Weight: varies Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation & Dream work Energy Grid Activations Ceremonial Healing Feng Shui
  8. Blue Fluorite, Natural Edge Slab

    This listing is for 1 slab of top AAA+ Quality Natural Blue Fluorite You will receive your selection from the lot shown. Blue Fluorite is known as the Genius Stone. Fluorite represents the highest state of mental achievement, boosting aptitude and discernment, the absorption of new information, and helping one work through complex issues. Its energy stimulates the electrical charge of brain cells, drawing in more life force (prana) as it encourages both hemispheres to work harmoniously together in balance. Expanding the consciousness, it advances the mind to greater mental, spiritual and psychic awareness. It stirs creativity and provides a limitless range of avenues for exploration. Blue Fluorite serves the mental body, brain and energetic levels of being. Size: 1.5-2"" Weight: 1 oz Chakra Clearing & Balancing Meditation & Dream work Energy Grid Activations Ceremonial Healing Feng Shui
  9. Siberian Amethyst Tumbled Gemstones - 1 Ounce

    This listing is for one ounce of top quality Rare Siberian Amethyst from Four Peaks Mine, Arizona. This gorgeous USA Amethyst is known for its glassy appearance and vibrant Magenta flash.. Total weight: (1) ounce These Siberian Amethyst Crystals are ready for all types of jewelry making, facet ready, energy, ritual and healing work. Locality: Four Peaks Mine, AZ USA Size: varies .25-.5" Weight: varies Amethyst - Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra - has been known for eons as the stone of Spirituality, Aids in Addiction Recovery. Prepares your Soul for intense journey of transformation. A Stone of Prosperity. It creates a protective energy field around any area, assists in transmuting negative energies, provides protection from external negative energies. Deepens Meditation and assists in the growth to your higher potential. Spiritual Cleansing and Calm. Astrological sign: Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Ophiuchus
  10. 5 Herkimer Diamonds

    This listing is for top grade water clear and radiant, AAA quality Herkimer Diamonds. You will receive your (5) diamonds from the lot shown above.

    Herkimer Diamonds are ascension stones, and they will take you to the highest spiritual vibration possible while still being in your physical body.

    These crystals have powerful metaphysical properties and are strong stones to aid astral travel, as they help to connect the astral plane to the physical plane. They are beautiful and powerful high vibration crystals, that boost clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. They act as powerful amplifiers when you are using them with a small stone. 

    Size: varies; 8-10mm Net Weight: varies

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Items 1 to 10 of 119 total

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