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  1. Stibnite with Calcite and Dolomite

    This listing is for the Stibnite shown from Bau, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Featuring thin prismatic Stibnite crystals. They are very metallic with excellent luster, have good terminations and are partially coated by white Calcite and Dolomite. From the collection of Rock Currier.

    SKU: FAE-Stb1-061919
    Dimensions: 2.75 x .5 x 1.5"
    Locality: Bau, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

    Special Care: Stibnite is a very soft delicate mineral and should be kept in a container with a very soft cushion like cotton and not allowed to rub up against the sides of the box. Stibnite is a bit like graphite in that it will leave a streak when rubbed against paper. Over a period of many years, brilliant surfaces of freshly mined stibnite will become less shiny. source: mindat.org

  2. Gibeon Meteorite - Iron, Medium Octahedrite - Namibia

    This listing is for the Gibeon Meteorite slice shown. This is a large complete slice, weighing exactly 754 grams (1.66lb) displaying the well-known Widmanstatten pattern formation. Fall date: Prehistoric times

    The Gibeon meteorite entered our atmosphere at an incredible velocity of around 17 miles per second an estimated 30,000 years ago. It exploded high in the atmosphere showering fragments over a large region of what is present day Namibia, Africa. Prior to this, the meteorite had traveled through space for over four billion years before it was trapped by the Earth's gravitational field and pulled to earth as a brilliant fireball.

    The Gibeon meteorite is classified as a group IVA fine octahedrite and is composed of approximately 91.8% Iron; 7.7% Nickel; 0.5% Cobalt; 0.04% Phosphorus; 2.4 ppm Iridium; 197 ppm Gallium; and 0.111 ppm Germanium. It was derived from the core of an extinct planet that was blown apart billions of years ago during the formation of our solar system by a catastrophic impact event.

    Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 0.25" / Weight: 754g (1.66lb)

    Locality: Gibeon, Great Nama Land, Namibia

  3. Facet Rough Gem Collection Set 7

    This listing is for (1) Raw Gem Set of high quality raw gemstones. This is a top quality collection that we hand-picked and put together from our vast inventory of rare minerals and crystals. We have a limited stock of these beautiful parcels at this special price.. and they make the perfect gift! You will receive one each of the following in your Limited Edition collection:

    Raw Gemstone Set:

    Amethyst - Crown
    Tanzanite - Third-Eye
    Topaz - Throat
    Elbait - Heart
    Helidor- Solar Plexus
    Citrine - Sacral
    Rhodolite - Root

    Dimensions: varies .5" - 1.25"
    SKU: FAE-LECGC2-0806

  4. Larimar Sterling Silver Bracelet

    This listing is for the Larimar Bracelet shown. Featuring a vibrant oceanic blue, with natural water-like (webbing) characteristics that Larimar is known for- these are simply beautiful. Authentic Larimar from the Dominican Republic set in a 8" Sterling Silver link chain, perfect bracelet size, or link two together for a striking necklace choker.

    SKU: FAE-LARB1-1027
    Dimensions: length: 8"
    Locality: Dominican Republic

  5. Rainbow Aura Vintage Sorcerer Figurine

    This listing is for the Rainbow Aura Vintage Sorcerer figurine shown. A magical addition to any space! Limited Edition, Vintage Item

    SKU: FAE-FIGD3-1013
    Dimensions: 1" x 1"

  6. Hand Carved Bone Skull

    This listing is for the Hand-carved Bone Skull shown. Gorgeous, life-like detail and the best quality carving in bone we have come across. 

    Dimensions: 1.8" x 1.5" x 1"

    SKU: FAE-BoneS1-0919

    Locality: Unknown, Bone Source Unknown.



  7. Botryoidal Hematite Crystal

    This listing is for the Botryoidal Hematite Crystal shown. Gorgeous, vibrant and highest quality of this material. Featuring a beautiful metallic luster and well defined formations.

    Dimensions: 2" x 1..6" x 1.5"

    SKU: FAE-BH1-0919

    Locality: Morocco


  8. Mystic Kyanite Stone Collection

    This listing is for the Limited Edition Mystic Kyanite collection shown. These are AAA grade top quality and very gemmy, natural Kyanite. You will receive the following in your order:

    1 - Orange Kyanite, Tanzania
    1 - Blue Kyanite, Brazil
    1 - Black Kyanite, Brazil
    1 - Green Kyanite, Brazil

    Dimensions: .5" - 1.75" per crystal

    SKU: FAE-KYS1-0829


  9. Brandberg Quartz var. Amethyst with Enhydro Bubble

    This listing is for the Quartz Enhydro crystal shown. This quartz features incredible luster, very gemmy with a visible enhydro bubble.

    SKU: FAE-ENQ4-0528
    Dimensions: 3.81cm x 1.27cm x 1.778cm
    Locality: Goboboseb Mountains, Brandberg, Namibia

  10. Brandberg Quartz var. Amethyst with Enhydro Bubble

    This listing is for the Quartz Enhydro crystal shown. This quartz features incredible luster, very gemmy with a visible enhydro bubble.

    SKU: FAE-ENQ5-0528
    Dimensions: 3.175cm x 1.651cm x 1.651cm
    Locality: Goboboseb Mountains, Brandberg, Namibia

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